Scar Tissue Lessons from the world of Entrepreneurship


Daryl Erdman’s first book, Scar Tissue, offers expert insights and lessons on entrepreneurship. By illustrating his teachings with examples from his own business ventures as well as those of the students he has mentored, Daryl creates a lively book filled with practical advice. He uses the concept of “scar tissue” to explain the business mis-steps that entrepreneurs must either avoid or overcome to achieve success. Scar Tissue is instructive for those new to business and will resonate with those already experienced in business development and ownership.

"...a serial entrepreneur, gifted teacher
and a venture capitalist has uniquely
presented war stories as scar tissue
that are deeply rooted in contemporary
entrepreneurship theory..."

Dr. Rajiv Tandon, former Associate Director of the Entrepreneurship Program at University of St. Thomas and an international entrepreneur

" Scar Tissue will prove to be an invaluable resource and a thoroughly 'reader-friendly' approach to decision-making and problem avoidance."

--Midwest Book Review
Scar Tissue $22.95 USD

Hard Cover Book with Dust Jacket
300 Pages; Business Book

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